Welcome at Xpedite Diagnostics!

Our mission is to provide innovative and rapid molecular solutions that are independent of the laboratory setting.

We challenge the status quo in sample preparation

We strive to replace aging classical products for DNA isolation and RNA extraction by cost efficient and easy-to-use kits that facilitate fast extraction of RNA and DNA for rapid molecular biology analysis in high-throughput labs as well as at the point of care. 

We bring molecular technologies to the point of care

We provide our customers with tools for a full molecular analysis workflow. For that, we engaged in a distribution partnership on RAA reagents, a versatile rapid isothermal amplification technology for real-time fluorescence detection, end-point detection and lateral-flow strip detection. 

We ensure regulatory compliance of IVD products by lean approaches

We leverage our deep knowledge in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management to guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements and to minimize the time-to-market for our IVD medical devices by applying case-specific regulatory strategies.

We also offer our expertise through consulting services to other IVD companies. We help in developing a lean regulatory strategy and in reducing time, effort and costs for compliance to the European IVD Regulation (IVDR) 2017/746.