Our Life Science products

Currently, we offer SwiftX™ Swabs as commercially available solution for extraction of DNA and RNA from less complex biological matrices, such as different types of swabs and liquid media.

We intend to launch in the next months further products based on ouSwiftX™ Toolbox technology.


SwiftX™ Swabs

Product codes: SXS-50, SXS-200

Utilizing our proprietary SwiftX™ Toolbox technology, this kit is tailor-made for extraction of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from swab samples and liquid media.

 Key facts:

  • can be used with various swab types (flocked, polyester, cotton etc.)
  • can also be used to extract from swab media as well as saliva
  • very simple workflow with ultra-low consumable requirements
  • RNA and DNA ready to amplify in less than 15min
  • over 200 extractions per hour possible (semi-automated workflow)
  • compatible with all common amplification technologies

SwiftX™ Swabs has been validated for extraction of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RNA from nasopharyngal as well as oropharyngal swabs. Swabs can be transported dry or if required in transport media, such as saline or VTM.


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