Our products for Life Science applications

Our portfolio of Life Science products for research use is continuously growing. Currently, we offer the following products:

 Rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction


Isothermal Amplification

Accessories and Instruments

SwiftX™ DNA (cat.no. SXD-25)

Versatile and rapid extraction of DNA of viruses, bacteria, parasites, animals and humans from a wide range of samples.

  • Direct extraction protocol for swabs and solid samples
  • Reverse purification for efficient inhibitor removal
  • bead-based concentration step for human & animal cells, parasites and bacteria in liquid samples

Applicable to:

  • swabs, pre-concentrated cells, dried blood spots, tissue samples, fine-needle aspirates, tissue fluid, CSF, hair follicles, etc.
  • Up to 1mL urine, cell cultures, saliva, throat washes, etc.
  • Up to 200µL whole blood, tissue suspensions, etc.

SwiftX DNA was developed to match the workflow and performance of the discontinued QIAGEN SpeedXtract® Nucleic Acid Kit.

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SwiftX™ Swabs (cat.no. SXS-50, SXS-200)

Rapid extraction of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from swabbed samples and liquid media.

 Key facts:

  • can be used with various swab types (flocked, polyester, cotton)
  • can also be used to extract from swab media as well as saliva
  • very simple workflow with ultra-low consumable requirements
  • RNA and DNA ready to amplify in less than 15min
  • over 200 extractions per hour possible (semi-automated workflow)
  • compatible with all common amplification technologies

SwiftX™ Swabs has been validated for extraction of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RNA from nasopharyngal as well as oropharyngal swabs. Swabs can be transported dry or if required in transport media, such as saline or VTM.

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RAA isothermal nucleic acid kits

RAA (recombinase aided amplification) is an interesting and fast alternative to conventional PCR manufactured by Qitian Gene Biotechnology:

  • as sensitive as PCR - but finished in 15 minutes - no need for a PCR cycler 
  • real-time results in 5-10 minutes using fluorescence probes
  • Well-suited for Point-of-Care (POC) applications
  • freeze-dried reagent mix

YouTube video of application using the suitcase lab 

(by Dr. Abd El Wahed, University of Leipzig, Germany)

Available kits:


RAA Nucleic Acid Amplification Kit, 48rxn


RT-RAA Nucleic Acid Amplification Kit, 48rxn


RAA Nucleic Acid Amplification Kit (fluorescence method), 48rxn


RT-RAA Nucleic Acid Amplification Kit (fluorescence method), 48rxn


RAA Nucleic Acid Amplification Kit (lateral-flow strip method), 48rxn

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Accessories and instruments


1mL Proteinase K (20 mg/mL), stable at 2-25°C


additional Buffer EN for use with our SwiftX DNA kit


MagRack 16, magnetic separation stand, for 16x 1.5mL tubes


AccuBlock Mini 12, Heat block for 12x 1.5mL tubes (manufactured by Labnet)


ISO-T8, 8-well 2-channel fluorescence detection instrument (manufactured by Axxin Pty Ltd) 


TubeScanner 2.2, 12-well 2-channel fluorescence detection instrument (manufactured by DIALUNOX GmbH)


Glove box for safe handling of infectious samples (manufactured by Bodo Koennecke GbR)


suit-case laboratory for performing molecular testing workflows even in field-settings (manufactured by Bodo Koenneke GbR)

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