Our Products and Technologies

We aim to expedite molecular diagnostics by bringing innovative and mind-changing tools to the market. In a first step, we focus on rapid nucleic acid extraction. We have developed and are further expanding a versatile set of components called SwiftX™ Toolbox. This technology allows us to tailor-made extraction kits for various applications. Our first product based on the Toolbox is SwiftX Swabs. Beyond that, we are working on many more specific applications to be marketed in 2021.

Our target markets are Human Diagnostics, Animal Health, Life Science Research, and Food Safety.

Human Diagnostics

Life Science

Animal Health

Food Safety

Further developments planned:

Launches planned in Q3 2021:

SwiftX Media

SwiftX Virus (especially tropical viruses)

Development projects for launch in 2021:

SwiftX FTA cards

SwiftX Pets

SwiftX Stool

SwiftX Food

Pipeline of future developments:


SwiftX Sputum

SwiftX Bacteria

SwiftX Microbiome

SwiftX Plant Pathogens

SwiftX Plant gDNA