News @ Xpedite Diagnostics

April 2022 - First scientific publication with Xpedite Diagnostics' products 

The ECCMID 2022 in Lisbon came with another nice achievement for Xpedite Diagnostics: the first scientific publication using one of our products, namely SwiftX™ DNA. Hanne Brekke from Oslo University Hospital presented her work on detection of visceral leishmaniasis from whole blood samples. The conclusion from the data is that SwiftX DNA provides a sensitive, simple & fast way of extraction of the parasite's DNA.

Apart from that we connected to a lot of scientists and companies at ECCMID and look forward to supporting their work with our solutions for rapid nucleic acid extraction.


January 2022 - Xpedite Diagnostics starts to host scientific webinars

We are happy to announce that we start to host webinars for the scientific community. By that we aim to intensify our interaction with scientists working in Molecular Diagnostics. The first webinar focussed on "Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Extraction" and was conducted January 12. The content will be published on YouTube. 

September 2021 - Xpedite Diagnostics has been granted €100K funding for business expansion

We have successfully finished our first financing approach and have been awarded €100K under the umbrella of the "Innovative Projects" program by the Bavarian State Bank. We are very honored that our ambitious plans on providing innovative and rapid nucleic acid extraction solutions have been acknowledged in such as nice way.

August 2021 - New product SwiftX Media launched - RUO and CE-IVD

We are happy to announce that our next product is ready for the market: SwiftX Media.

It is designed to extract DNA and RNA from samples in transport media. It rapidly extracts nucleic acids from viruses and bacteria as well as animal and human cells. It has been validated with several transport media.

Since early September, SwiftX Media is also registered as a CE-IVD diagnostic product.

July 2021 - New product SwiftX DNA launched

Xpedite Diagnostics proudly announces that our new product SwiftX DNA is finally launched

It is designed to enable extraction of bacterial, parasite, virus, animal and human DNA from a broad range of sample types, solid samples, swabs and small volumes of liquids can be directly extracted. Due to the reverse purification mechanism, nucleic acids extracted with SwiftX DNA are performing better than those from other direct lysis products, because potential inhibitors are effectively removed.

To achieve a high sensitivity, SwiftX DNA features a cell concentration step applicable to liquid samples. With that, DNA can be extracted with high efficiency from urine, blood, saliva, cell cultures and others. 

May 2021 - Xpedite Diagnostics is now ISO 9001:2015 certified

In late April Xpedite Diagnostics received the initial certification audit for independent certification of its quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. The certificate was issues in early May. Our certifier QA Technic is recognized by the renowned German Accreditation Body DAkkS.

February 2021 - Launch of CE-IVD version of SwiftX Swabs

Xpedite Diagnostics is proud to announce that we have transformed our successful rapid nucleic acid extraction kit SwiftX Swabs into a CE-marked device under IVD Directive 98/79/EC.

November 2020 - Foundation of company and launch of first product

Xpedite Diagnostics GmbH was founded in November 2020. We started off immediately with launching our first product - SwiftX Swabs.

SwiftX Swabs is a simple yet powerful solution for nucleic acid extraction from swabs taken from throat, nose, buccal, skin and the like. It extracts DNA and RNA from viruses as well as host cells. The kit was validated for extraction of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from Covid19 patients. It is a cost-efficient alternative to classical NA extraction devices and is suited for high-throughput applications as well as for use at the point-of-care.